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Gary Kitchen 

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We are delighted to announce Gary Kitchen as our next guest artist to join the East Yorkshire Gallery family of artists. Gary's work is a stunning mix of and abstract landscapes that take your breath away. 


If you would like to be featured as a Guest Yorkshire Artist


Gary About me… I have painted and drawn since I was a young child and always love facing a blank canvas or sheet with an idea in my head and a desire to reproduce it in paint. I paint in oil and watercolour and alternate between the two as the need takes me, it's not unusual to have two or three paintings in progress at the same time, there's also lots of time spent staring at the results sometimes returning weeks later to change something, the hardest thing is knowing when to stop rather than knowing how to start. I live to the north of Leeds in West Yorkshire at the foot of Wharfedale so have a wealth of landscape to paint but also love the east coast especially around the Flamborough and

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