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Carol Vickers


I'm Carol, of Created by Carol. I'm a disabled designer-maker and I use metal splints to support my finger joints, so I signed up for silversmithing classes to learn to make my own! I soon found that I had a real connection and natural affinity for working with solid silver and I was hooked.


I've been a collector of vintage and antiques for decades. I realised that the world was full of sugar tongs, tiny condiment spoons, and other beautiful items that are no longer considered useful in today's society and I wanted to give them a new life. Turning them into wearable art gives them a new relevance and I feel it's the perfect antidote to our Fast Fashion society. I produce unique necklaces, rings, earrings, cufflinks, brooches and bracelets from antique and vintage cutlery. I work almost exclusively in solid silver, to design and make pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond.


My work reflects themes of reinvention, resilience and adaptation. As a disabled person, I've had to reinvent myself multiple times to accommodate progressive health conditions. I've also launched a separate collection of sensory and fidget jewellery for neurodivergent or anxious people, as I think this is an area in which I could really help people. 


Handmade Jewellery

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