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If you would like to be featured as a Guest Yorkshire Artist


Meet Our Guest Artists 


Kenny Fowler - Specialising in
Large Oil Paintings

Born and Raised in Hull Kenny has a clear and unique style. Working mainly in Oil Paints, Kenny specialises in his unique caricature  artwork style along with Seascapes, Horses and beautiful scenes making up the rest of his work.

Nat Morgan_edited.jpg

Nat Morgan - Specialising in
Watercolour & Ink

Nat is a North Yorkshire based artist who, from a young age has been fascinated with showcasing raw beauty of nature. Nat has a very unique style combing Watercolours and Ink to create a completely unique style.

Profile Pic.jpg

Sally Hall - Specialising in
Water Colour Paintings

Sally’s original art explores different animal species and their unique characters and interactions through her colour use and varied brushstrokes. “I strive to provide the viewer with an impression of the subjects’ personality, their unique kindred bonds, and create art which will bring people enjoyment,” she says.

File Attachment_ JDWARTIST_E1048[887].jpg

John Warburton - Specialising in
Water Colour Paintings

Yorkshire born and bred, John's work is a celebration of the county's rich agricultural, industrial and nautical heritage and how human interventions have shaped this lovely place. Is this drawing, or is it painting? Well, it is both - it is where drawing and painting meet and it the combination of the two that gives this approach its unique style.

Profile Pic.png

Carol Vickers - Silversmith

Carol, an extremely talented silversmith based in Yorkshire, UK. Carol works in solid silver, taking antique and vintage cutlery and giving it a new life as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bangles and brooches. As a disabled artist, Carol campaigns for disability equality and has launched a collection of sensory jewellery for neurodivergent or anxious customers. Carols jewellery is truly stunning.

Profile Pic.jpg

Matty Burnham - Specialising in Line & Wash Paintings

Based in Leeds Matty has an outstanding talent for capturing North Yorkshire in a completely unique style. Matty's work is mostly intricate ink work brought to life with vibrant watercolours. Landscapes have never looked so beautiful. Matty started painting during lockdown like so many other's, once he found the Line & Wash technique there was no looking back for him! 

Matty's work is intricate & beautiful.

John R Warburton Profile Pic_edited.jpg

John R Warburton - Painter

John studied at Sunderland College of Art, Sunderland Collage of Education and at King Alfred's College, Winchester in Fine Art and Education. John lives and paints in the Vale of York and in the Yorkshire Dales, a wonderful environment and source of inspiration for any artist. John is also a founder member of Yore Valley Artists, a group of professional and semi professional artists based near Ripon. His artwork is vibrant and full of life, some real statement pieces.



Gail Sherwood Profile Pic.JPG

Gail Sherwood - Digital Artist

I have always been creative, constantly drawing, and painting when I was young.   My passion for art never abated and in 2020 - mid-pandemic - I took up digital art and this kicked off my journey to be a self taught modern villagescape / landscape artist. The majority of my work is created using procreate and an apple pencil. All my work is 100% my own creative design and 100%

hand drawn.

Profile Pic.jpg

Christian Storey - Painter

Christian has a real passion for large scale paintings, Christian's work ranges from the big 5 to creating hug landscapes and seascapes. Christian was born and bred in Hull and loves getting into the country for long walks especially in the lakes and the National Park of Snowdonia, where he gets a lot of inspiration for his landscapes. Christans work has had his work displayed in many galleries around Hull including Ferens Art Gallery.

Profile pic.jpeg

Gary Kitchen - Painter

​Gary About me… I have painted and drawn since I was a young child and always love facing a blank canvas or sheet with an idea in my head and a desire to reproduce it in paint. I paint in oil and watercolour and alternate between the two as the need takes me, it's not unusual to have two or three paintings in progress at the same time, there's also lots of time spent staring at the results sometimes returning weeks later to change something, the hardest thing is knowing when to stop rather than knowing how to start.  

If you would like to be featured as a Guest Yorkshire Artist


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