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Gail Sherwood

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I have always been creative, constantly drawing, and painting when I was young. My enthusiasm was so strong that I dragged my non-arty friends to an art club, and mandated participation in my many & varying art projects - such as when I insisted, we all design and paint our own custom t-shirts for holiday. Despite my passion, when it came to choose my University course I decided not to pursue art but instead to study Economics, simply because this was the "safer" and more sensible path. My passion for art never abated and in 2020 - mid-pandemic - I took up digital art and this kicked off my journey to be a self taught modern villagescape / landscape artist. The majority of my work is created using procreate and an apple pencil. All my work is 100% my own creative design and 100% hand drawn. I do not use any automation in my work.   

​I focus on fabulous places I visit because I get so much happiness from walking & exploring. Exploring makes me feel physically stronger and mentally at peace. I want to capture this feeling and encourage people to bring the happy home, and reminisce of their own adventures. The majority of my work features Yorkshire and the North East because there is so much beauty on our doorstep and I want to appreciate and celebrate this!

Original Digital Artwork

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